About me


My name is Hamida.I'm from Afghanistan,I'm the first child in my family and i have two brothers.

My journey started when we had to leave our homeland.we came to a country that we couldn't speak its language,and at the same time we didn't know english either.It was a baptism of fire,especially for me,thus I decided to start learning english, as a result i registerd at Sahabat school which is for refugees

on the first days of school I found myself in the soup,it was quite difficult to communicate with other students since I couldn't speak english very well,so I hadn't many friends

I was keen on learning english fast and I've come along way in achieving that so much,I started my own english course to teach children,not only english but mathematics as well

I have no idea where this journey will take me to,but what i'm sure about is that "I will always find my path to success."

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